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I have always loved taking pictures of people, things, and events that I enjoy. Some of them turn out okay by accident. Some of them turn out okay because I actually knew what I was doing.  I recently upgraded from a point-and-shoot with some functions to a full-on DSLR, and I knew it would take me seven steps backward in the quality of my photos until I learned how to use it. I’ve been following Digital Photography School for a couple of years, and I recently enrolled in Shaw Academy’s photography course. I’ve also been learning how to use Photoshop and the Gimp to enhance and “artsify” the images I shoot. Sometimes there’s nothing particularly wrong with an image, it just doesn’t tell the story I want to tell. As I go through the photography course I expect my photos to get better, but it’s still just the beginning of the journey. Join me as I learn to find, focus, and click to tell the stories of our lives.